Icon fonts, making UI design easier

Tuesday October 4th, 2016

If you are web designer maybe icon fonts are not strangers for you, although, if you are a purely graphic one, you don’t know this great resource exits, so if you are this kind of designer let me explain you all the wonders of this fonts.

Icon fonts are font files that have symbols and glyphs instead of standard alphanumeric characters, they are created specially for UI design. Icon fonts, like other web fonts, use the CSS @font-face rule to display icons in web browsers.

They have great cross-browser support and all the advantages and CSS properties of fonts, like change size, color, shadow… on the fly!.

Now the most used and complete Icon Font is Fontawesome, but you have many other free alternatives to use them.

Below are 4 excellent free icon fonts for commercial use. Click on the image to visit the site and download it. Enjoy!


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