Mini guide to the new Google Fonts

Friday June 24th, 2016

Captura de pantalla Google Fonts

A few days ago Google Fonts launched its new interface. Although the old one is still operative, while we got used to the new appereance we will see some of the most important improvements that brought us the new design.

The aesthetic change is very important, much more care and clean, and above all, allows us to see how each font works independently
because the format of each family goes to a square format.

Menu Top Google Fonts


We have a new option, featured, a page where we can find font collections with typography groups compiled by appearence.

Obviously, another major UI change, is that you can test each source independently from their own controls for sizes, weights and styles.

A great innovation is that we can test the web with different color ranges to see how this can affect the fonts.


The filters work the same way as the old ones but with a much friendlier interface.


The button to embed fonts is much more intuitive and allows us to select the options for teh font donwloading from a panel at the bottom of the page.

In general we can see acvery positive change in Google Fonts, in Alternatype, we are already working to adapt the tool to the new Google Fonts web. You can visit the new web and try. You’ll love it!.



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