Shake your letters!

Tuesday November 15th, 2016

If you are a designer, probably you already know what kinetic typography is, although if you are disconnected with this world you probably don’t know what we are talking about. Have you ever seen all those animated letters that appear in the ads and movies on your TV? Kinetic typography is an old acquaintance in the world of traditional animation, but last years has also emerged in web design. When we talk about kinetic typography, we refer to text in movement, a technique that manipulates the letters and shows it dynamically on the screen expressing an idea or emotion.

Kinetic typography has jumped from the video editors to the web pages, and since the GIF formats have taken the center stage again, it has grown strongly, showing incredible animations and effects that you couldn’t even imagine before for a typography, giving life to the texts of many web pages.

Today we leave some examples of these great animations.

Kinetic Google
Kinetic A letter
Kinetic B
Kinetic 5
Kinetic Madita

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