Tools for Google fonts pairing

Friday July 1st, 2016

More than 700 fonts are hosted on Google Fonts. We don’t use the most of this fonts for the development of our projects certainly, it is impossible to know all the variety offered by the tool. Although we can find all kinds of fonts, many of them deserve special mention for its high quality.

There are pages that, in addition to show these fonts, also help us in a very elegant way to combine them according to different parameters, the designers know how difficult it can be to find fonts that work well together, but thanks to these tools can do this task a little lighter. Here are some of our favorite Enjoy them!

Beautiful web type

Beautiful web type capture
A website that has selected some of the best Google’s fonts and has matched, so you can see how they work together in a very careful way.

Type genius

Type Genius capture
A very useful tool in which you can select a font to see what other font combines with it.

Font Pair

Capture of Font pair website

Another tool to combine fonts from couples of families with some of the most commonly used fonts Google Fonts.

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