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Wednesday October 19th, 2016

Digital typography has acquired an essential role in a world in which we live surrounded by screens. According to a report by Cisco VNI on Mobile Data traffic it is estimated that by 2020 there will be 5,500 million mobile devices in the world, 70% of world population.

Growth is unstoppable, and with it, the diffusion of large amounts of information that will reach many people, so the big companies leading this expansion have put their focus, not only on what technology is concerned, but something more essential without we could not understand this change, the letters as information transmitters.

If there are three companies leading now the sector they are Apple, Google and Amazon, and as they know about this revolution have given the typography the importance it deserves.

Bookerly, Amazon

The use of digital books became more common thanks to Kindle. It was clear that, in the case of a product like that, a high readability should be an essential feature.

Specimen de Amazon Bookerly

To ensure this essential factor, Amazon incorporated two fonts into the Kindle devices, Caecilia and Baskerville, two very readable families but still with some problems for this new way to approach reading. At lower resolutions Baskerville lines became rough, while Caecilia although it was very easy to read, it worked better for headlines than for long texts.

In the latest versions of Kindle, Amazon introduced Bookerly, a typography tailored to solve all these problems, improving readability by 2% and approaching the text appearance to the printed books.

Product Sans, Google

We were all surprised when in 2015 Google introduced its new image, not only for the obvious change of its logo, also by incorporating a unique new typography, Product Sans.

Apple San Francisco
Product Sans

This new geometric sans-serif typeface accompanies the logo on the different Google products as the name suggests.

The design of this family is inspired by the logo itself, but manages to have distinction features to differentiate between the company name and the product it accompanies.

San Francisco, Apple

Although Helvetica Neue, used by Apple for years, is considered by typography lovers as one of the best fonts of the world, Apple, as leader in design world, has considered appropriate to create its own typeface.

What was wrong with Helvetica Neue? Although it is a great typeface, it was created in 1983 and was not designed with a view to the new digital devices.

Apple San Francisco
San Francisco

Among many other things, you can check in this post a complete comparation of the two typefaces.

San Francisco greatly improves readability on digital devices with a much easier design, and something new, it has been created by Apple. At first, this may seem less important, but if we consider that the company has always been a leader in design, it was something necessary, create their own typeface with their own personality.

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