The project

What's Alternatype?

Alternatype is a tool that helps you find free alternatives to commercial fonts. If your project cannot afford to acquire a business font license or do not need it and you don't want to infringe a commercial font copyright, Alternatype can be a great help to you!
Find the most similar free font to the commercial one that you're looking for 100% ready for use in your commercial projects!

Handpicked font relations

In Alternatype we carefully select and compare manually each font we insert into our database, to find the free use font with the most similar features to the commercial font you're looking for.

100% free use fonts

The fonts you will find in Alternatype come from Google Fonts and FontSquirrel and are created under OFL (Open Font License), Apache and similar licenses, which allow free use without infringing copyright.

A growing project

The Alternatype database grows every day thanks to you. We are constantly adding new commercial fonts and relating then with free ones to find the perfect match. If you don't find a commercial font, please contact us in and we will get to work to find the most similar free font to the one you're looking for.