Are the free fonts displayed in Alternatype exactly
the same as commercial ones?

Not two fonts are alike. In Alternatype, we don't offer free clones from commercial fonts, but you will find very similar alternatives that can work just as well for the same project if you cannot afford to pay a commercial license.

How Alternatype comparisons are made?

Each font that we insert into our database is carefully manually analyzed so that it can be an alternative as reliable as possible to its commercial equivalent. Only this way, we make sure that the fonts we provide are totally free (if you find any restriction of use, please let us know to fonts@alternatype.net and we will remove the font immediately). Some fonts are more similar than others, but you will always find the recommended option marked with an icon heart as "Best Match!"

How fonts are loaded into Alternatype?

Google Fonts and Font Squirrel offer a totally free API to display their fonts catalog.

Do the sample images of commercial fonts showed in
Alternatype have a license?

Of course, Alternatype is a project born to prevent font piracy, our Monotype desktop license allow us to generate images (.jpg, .gif etc) with fonts including in its great library, this way you can compare for yourself the degree of similarity they have with their commercial equivalents.

Can I collaborate with Alternatype?

We would love it! Alternatype wants to help designers save time when searching for free fonts. If you think you have some free fonts that look similar to a commercial equivalent and you want to contribute to expand Alternatype's data base, please write to fonts@alternatype.net.

Alternatype is a project created by passionate people, who dedicates a lot of time and energy to make it a reality and any help or support is more than welcome. Additionally, we forecast financial contributions from advertising which will help us to continue improving the project.